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Music is the language of the Universe.

Since its inception, music travelled through space and time, conquering the world and our universe.

The existence of the universe is defined by life whilst the existence of music is defined by its live performances. Creation never stops.

Music, just as the Universe, is a process. Infinitum is an experience that has the ambition of developing the links between the life of the Universe and the life of everything.

Infinitum is for everyone: a solid musical program, dancing, acrobatics and video projections on huge screens. All at the same time. Infinitum is a celebration of the other senses.

Infinitum is about exploring the process of creation.

The life of human beings and the life of our planet is a small copy of the Universe. The story will fluctuate between the life of the Universe and the life on our Planet. We will tell the story of life in a way that has never been done before. It will give us the freedom to affect all the senses of the audience.

Infinitum is a show about people. Everyone can find answers to their own questions about who we are and how we are connected with each other and with the Universe.

Infinitum is about emotions. It is about telling a story using a mix of arts whilst being enjoyed by the audience in an infinite number of ways.

Infinitum in numbers


musicians in a full-scale symphony orchestra.

huge projection screens.

acrobats and dancers.